Thursday, December 4, 2008

Update of my mind

Recently, something is wrong with him. He seems so depress or unhappy or uncertain.
I don't know what make him unhappy but I know that make me unhappy too.
I feel like crying everytime I see his ??sad?? face.
Every night I feel very uneasy and hoping tomorrow he will be alright.
As days go by and he still seems troubled, my mind hitting bottom.
I really did type in his name where I have to type in commend to my PC.
I did a lot of mistake these days. I make more mistakes this few days compare to last few months.
Nobody will believe me if I say all this is because of him.
Because we don't know each other at all.
He is someone from far away and only chance he can know me is if he happen to read my letters from millions of letters he get everyday.
But I love him more than I know him. Much much more than that...

Ok, that's all for today update of my mind.

In short, my mind is full of him... (^_^)

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