Friday, February 20, 2009

!Now you know why I love him so much!


Today I went boxing.

I'm more tired than usual!

Even though I only practised till Round 5 of the "15 minute" set boxing routine
I'm already so tired that I'm nearly out of breath.

Compared to 2,3 years ago, this time is really much more tiring!

It's so frustrating.

I must work harder. (Laugh)

Even though the intention is very simple, I hate to lose therefore I must work hard.

I must practise until at Round 5,
my face does not change colour and still able to do the Hallelujah~ Chance!

And also with this kind of simple intention, that's why I'm able to continue till the 2000th entry, I think.

It's also because all of you are reading my diaries.

Arigato ne

Then there's the staff san who help to take care of my original entries

From time to time, I always could not complete my original entries within the stated time frame

Thanks for not giving up on me all these years!

The reason why those who came to read my diaries is due to the fact that they have come to know about me through the various magazines that I had appeared, the various drama that I had acted in.

From there, it was the first time that you know about my existence, isn't that so.

Therefore, a lot of people are looking at me.

There are doubtful times.

I do not know.

But everyone seems to know about me.

Therefore I want to work even harder.

Taking with me, the thankful feelings towards everyone, working harder.

Those of you who have always been supporting me I would want to look at everyone in the eyes and say from the bottom of my heart

Thank you for your continual support.
Hence, from now onwards, please stay by my side. (Laugh)

I will give my best!
From now onwards, please support xxxx too.

This is his diary entry for 2000th volume. He is someone you can rely on, don't you think so.
Things like that make my love bigger and bigger for him.
How I wish he know.
On other side I think he knows, he knows there are people like me who love him dearly.

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