Thursday, September 17, 2009

How many times my heart has to break

It is almost official. He is dating her.
Eventhough I tried to be reasonable, my heart just won't listen.
Kataomoi is always painful. More painful when you are longing for the 'STAR'.
When not just any star but brightest and shiniest star.
The star everyone waiting with their plam open wide to be fall on.
What I wanted is just for that 'STAR' to be shining with all it might over everyone no ni

Do I want the 'STAR' to shine and burn alone for everyone sake?
Of course not! That is the reason I am sufferring now, I think.

Battle of reasons and feelings.
Whichever side wins battle field is always ugly.
It will left damage and dead bodies.
We want more for everything. Never contenting.
We know reasons yet we scream treason.
It gave its all. We search for more.
Now it found its happiness, we realized what we've lost and feeling sad.
So tell me now and tell me true...
Now this fault lies in who...

'STAR' is not wrong. I wish for his happiness. And I will keep on loving forever.
Kono kataomoi ni owaru ga nai no nara
Sore demo ii
Kono kataomoi wo mamotte hoshii
mada nani mo dekinai koi nandesu

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