Friday, December 18, 2009

Another Entry; Another Tear

Today, where we were shooting, it has started to snow
It’s been so long since I’ve seen snow.

When I was still in elementary school, I used to try to catch the snowflakes in my palm and try to make out the different patterns with the naked eye.

I was so serious about that (laughs)

I used to be serious about so many things at that age.

Everything that I saw with my eyes or felt, I would seriously respond to.

Frankly however, now that I have gotten used to this job, I’ve become less serious about many things.

Now, I'm only serious towards things that I really like.

music, dancing, acting

The more I'm sure about the things I like to do,
the more I'm ignorant towards things that I'm not interested in.

Also, because I've experienced it before,
I do not feel touched at alot of things already.

However, today, as I was shooting in a town near Tokyo, there was a child wearing one of my concert T-shirts, as if he was saying “I’m wearing Yamapi’s T-shirt!”. He was smiling at me with a brilliant smile.

Thank you!

It made me really happy!

I guess he must have gone to one of my concerts, and after watching him, I went on a sudden emotional high.

Even though I’ve experienced many things already and my emotions have become less intense, however I’ve realized that in places where I haven’t yet been, there are people who have been supporting me at the sidelines.

At the same time, after experiencing this, I ponder. Where do I stand?

And I still don’t really know.

However, that child that looked genuinely pleased to see me.
So that anyone who watches me from now on will just let out a smile, I want to give these people new touching or really great music and show them what I feel is the best.

I feel like this has been written really messily.
From now on, I’ll try everything!

(translated by pikira)

Amongst the fans of every famous person, we, Pi's fans are the luckiest and most spoiled.
Do you want proof?
He wrote nikki everyday for 6 years. Vol 2261. Freaking 2261 days... AND THAT"S FOR US.
He broke up with his rumored GF cuz she is playing us.
He do Solo concert to thanks us. (even some will argue that's for him. I would say, "You don't know him well. He don't have to do solo con to earn money. Don't have to practice days and nights for all the dance." Got it.)
Whatever he's doing, he worries what we will think about it.
Never lied to us. Even for tiniest things, he will keep quiet if he don't want to say the truth. But NO LIES.
If he see something beautiful, he will remember us first. (Don't think so? Read his 2261 entries!)
He treasure us. Everyone can see that, feel that, notice that. (You still don't? Go to his cons. Watch his cons. See how he interact with the fans?)
Still don't think so? Re-read the above nikki. Can you understand his heart?

I am so glad that I bought a T-shirt for 55$. I might be breaking my rules and out of my principle but am I glad that I bought.
He really is attached to that T-shirt. Well what do you expect, his face is on that. XDDD

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