Monday, December 12, 2011

Resolution ka!!

New Year is fast approaching.
When I see other people crossing out their last year resolutions, I feel jealous.
I didn't have one for last year or previous years.
I will be 28 coming year and I don't have any goal or dream yet. Am I a loser in life?
So... I will make resolution for 2012.

Very first thing
1) to be able to communicate in Japanese by end of 2012.

2) send my parents on 5 Star Cruise Holiday

3) At least get 1 A in exam

4) get back my ideal weight ie. 52kg

5) take less than 10 days leave

6) go to Japan for concert of a)Tomo b)NEWS c)AAA d)Mr. Children

I hope I can fulfilled at least 4 of those 6.
Jyaaa let's see which I can crossed out in Dec 2012.

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