Tuesday, March 3, 2009

~Atashi no Yuuki wa Anata da~

On the first of March, Ryo-chan got into car accident.
He is the one caused the accident which injured 60 years old woman in the car in front.
Johnny banned him from driving for 6 months.
How glad I am it was nothing more than that.
And today, someone called me. The same someone who called me on my 24th birthday.
Was I happy? I think I was.
Am I happy? I think I am.
Should I? No, I shouldn't.
Everything should be over now. I shouldn't have any feeling.
I shouldn't feel even sadness.

Ne Tomo, doushite ii no?
Yappari, I want someone to care about me.
Kowai wa. Atashi hitori ja.
Yuuki wo okurete kudasai.

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