Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I hated to look for a job. I really did. I would rather starve to death than that.
Now I found something I hate more. To look for a job for my dad.
All the things are not in his favor.
And when I see my mom hopeful face when receive one or two email which are not even about the jobs, it is the worst.
I know exactly how she felt.
Feeling hopefully this email is asking for interview. and want to be happy but not sure if it is for interview.
Then I tell her flatly "no, this is just some junk mail" in a tone of how come you are so back-dated with IT things.
I feel like I am the worst. People tend to angry when they surpressed their feelings for so long?
Maybe that's what I am. I don't cry. I don't get angry. I don't get friendly. I don't even have emotion at times.

Tomo, tasukete!

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