Thursday, April 9, 2009

Special Day <3

Today is very special day for me.
24 years ago, little boy named Tomohisa arrived to the world. I was 6 months and 6 days old.
I never thought this little boy will become my world 20 years later.
Now he became my everything.
His words gives me hope to carry on with my life when I was walking like a blind man.
He gives me strength through his essays and interviews.
A guy younger than me working so hard made me ashamed of myself.
Made me begin to think about my future.
Made me reevaluate my value in society.
And everything little things like getting up early for work is not troublesome, eating alone in cafeteria is not bother me...
I don't know what I can give back to him for all these...
I will always be grateful to Naomi-mama for giving birth to him.
If only he can know my gratitude <3

てんじょび おめでとう

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