Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I really can't believe my father think something wrong with my head.
What are his reasons???
I broke up with my boyfriend; I don't look for new boyfriend;
I am trying to lose weight; I am learning to speak Japanese;
I like one of Japanese Idol; I am dreaming of marrying him (ok this may BE the main point)...
But seriously Dad. I am not going insane over one break up.
There are a lot of single women in the world.
If all of them are lonely, I don't mind joining them at pub drowning my loneliness
than cleaning up after the kids or waiting for THE man of the house to arrive "drunk".
That I will pass.
I don't mind smiling at other people's kids and buy them ice-cream.
But I DO mind scolding my kids and washing their ice-cream stained shirts.

There is no way I can tell my dad all these. and -120% he will convince I am sane.

Tomo, dou shiyou ka

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