Thursday, July 2, 2009

!!!Tomodachi wa Taisetsuna-mono desu!!!

I just connected back with the cluster of my ex-schoolmates.
Wonder how much they have change. I, myself, change big time.
Firstly, broke up with my boyfriend who everyone thought was my soul mate, other half or whatever.
Next, no guys beside me like it used to be, to many of their surprise.
And, I'm learning Japanese.
And, my whole family is here.
And, I am fat...
I want to see how much all this can surprise them.
Maybe not much not 'cuz these aren't shocking, but mainly 'cuz they don't care about me that much anymore.

I had expected that anyway.
I was the one who came out from their cluster and went away with my ex-bf.
I was naive back then or in romantic way "blindly in love".

Still I am same old romanticist. So I am happy with "my littele Pi&I world".
But I am naive no more. I am gonna treasure all of them truely this time. Maa... that's what he'd like me to do...

Yoku Ganbatta sou na... Otsukaresamadesita

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