Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bored and bored

I feel like doing nothing...
I have to study, work, exercise. I can't seem to have mood to do those.
Having stuffy nose doesn't help either.
It's a relieve that I don't have school today.
I need something exciting to happen in my life.
What should I do? hmmm....
All the slow songs playing from my Ipod is not really helping the mood. *sigh*

I really like this song... SHINee - Last Gift

Was it yesterday when things started going to amiss?
Where did it all go wrong exactly?
My heart can’t let you go…
Is it really the end?

It’s not easy for me like my farewell greeting
My heart won’t become mine to control
I guess I’ll have to make an indefinite decision to forget you
So I can bear with it all

The ring I placed on your finger
Returns to my hand cold (I can’t let you go)
I received my heart back in return
Is this separation…

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