Friday, September 3, 2010

what I feels like doing now

First and foremost, I want to sleep now kekeke
I really want to watch my little guys performing...
but I can sense chaos just by a glance.
I think I am too old to join in that fantastic nightmare.

Wow!!! I just want to do only this two things.
I think I had been enlightened.
But I feels good to not have any wants or desires.

I guess that's why I am getting further away from my friends???
They have too many worries that I feel not really important.
And they think that I have everything.
I don't have everything. I just don't want everything.
Not wanting everything aka contentment make your life peaceful and relaxing.

But, but I really want to meet Tomo in person. *heart* sometimes heart is stubbron kekeke

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